This page contain screenshots of several tools I developed at GlobalEnglish Corp. Note that URLs and other proprietary information have been blurred out.

Bug Status Report

I developed a series of on-line reports that provided real-time status of our bug tracking database. Dynamically generated links in the reports open the appropriate bug Search Page. So, for example, if you wanted to see the bugs written up in the last 24 hours, you would simply click that link in the report. Data is also displayed visually using Flash bar charts.


The GlobalEnglish site has more than 2000 individual pages. URLMan was a navigation tool that I wrote in Java to allow QA testers to quickly jump through pages with the click of a button. Several parameters could be adjusted to specify which pages would be visited.


To facilitate testing, I wrote numerous automation scripts and a library of generic functions that worked with GlobalEnglish. Using C++ I developed sevaral DLL extensions to Winrunner, including a debug output window, a feature that is sorely missing from Winrunner itself.


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